Cynicism and Hope

A new home

Posted August 23rd, 2009 by MegCox

Please visit our blog at We will later point our new home from this .org address.

Conference audio

Thanks to all who attended the Cynicism and Hope Conference. The gathering exceeded our expectations on many levels.

We've also made audio recordings of some of the sessions available. Enjoy!

Cynicism and Hope Conference Questions

How do we live out God's call to prophetic witness in an apathetic and disempowered society? How can we learn from others who have remained faithful to Jesus' radical call in the midst of failure? How can art, prayer and other forms of everyday resistance nourish our hope for the kingdom of God? Join academics, activists and members of our communities as they share their work through the lens of cynicism and hope. Our vision is to provide a space for frustrated, justice-minded Christians who, like us, feel trapped by the current political situation but long to be part of meaningful action for change.

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